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We carry a great selection of long burning Candles. Made from pure soy blend, our candles have a delightful sweet fragrance, burn longer, cleaner, and give off more light than common paraffin candles.

Our scents include these favorites: Apple Jacks, Cucumber Melon, Honeydew Melon, Blue Cobbler, Pink Grapefruit, Butt Naked, Mango Papaya, Pink Coral, Passion Fruit, Lilac, Lavender, Magnolia, Stargazer Lily, Rose Petals, Sweet Pea, Hibiscus Guava Fresca, Baby Powder, Cinnamon Stick, Vanilla, Hawaiian Splash, Sun & Sea, Cashmere, Cowboy, Fireside, Rugged, Ck One, Beautiful, Angel, White Linen, Sandal Wood, Endless Love, Love Spell, Pure Seduction, Forbidden Love, Sweet Temptation, Very Sexy For Her, Forever Romance, Dream Angel Halo, Pink, Amber Romance, Eucalyptus, Red Currant, Fresh Picked, Sweet Patchouli, Strawberries and Champagne, Bombshell, Passionate Kiss, Balsam and Cedar, Honeysuckle, Caribbean Escape, Bergamot, Black Cherry, Creamy Vanilla, Chamomile, Coconut Creme, Kumquat, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Lavender Vanilla, Exotic, Blackberry Frankincense, Sandalwood Vanilla, Sex on the Beach, Storm Watch, Woodland Foliage, Orange, Sweet Jasmine Vine, Amber Vanilla, Downy April Fresh, Cinnamon Apple Berry, Cotton Bouquet, Enchanted Apple, Heavenly, Sexy Little Things, Whispering Mist, Appletini, Basic Instinct, Be Seduced, Body, Divine, Forbidden Fantasy, Noir Tease, Sensual Sunset, Romantic Wish, Vanilla Lace, Warm Embrace, Tranquil Breezes, Forever Blushing, Old Spice, Black Ice, Dragon's Blood, Nag Champa, Oakmoss , Frankincense & Myrrh, Baja Cactus Blossom, China Rain, Tulips, Rainforest Blossoms, Hershey's Chocolate, Heaven Scent, Gardenia Lily, Lemon Lavender, Princess Jasmine, Spring Rain, Ocean Waves.

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A complete description of each fragrance can be found on
Fragrance Description 1 and Fragrance Description 2 pages.

Using soy blend wax candles is a great way to help our environment and our farmers! Unlike pure paraffin wax, natural soy blend wax comes from right here in the USA from our own soybean farmers.

So in addition to using a completely natural soy blend wax that is safer for you, is a renewable, sustainable resource, and gives us a little less dependence on crude oil, it also helps our own US economy by helping our farmers.